Take a fun-packed road trip through Pakistan with best event company of Pakistan. The Event Planet enormously well balanced and affordable Pakistan Travel; Tour Packages to explore Pakistan in its true essence.

Discover the world-class heritage of Pakistan. Epic scenery and vibrant cities bursting with culture on an action-packed adventure in Pakistan. It’s Time to Visit Pakistan with a real deal of exploration and fun altogether.

1.Northern Areas:

First up, Northern Areas of Pakistan like Trip to Murree, Trip to Hunza Valley, Azad Kashmir Tour, Naran Kaghan is calling. Get a taste of the great outdoors amongst the Himalayan Mountains and hike the trails in Nanga Parbat Mountains.

In need of some action on your holiday? White water rafting in the lakes and rivers will totally float your boat. And if you’re still determined to get a soaking, get up close to the breathtaking Saif-ul-Mulk Lake.

2.Exotic Beaches:

The location of Sindh surely amazed you like Moen-Jo-Daro, Gorakh Hills, Thatta Makli. so good to be remembered! If beach life’s your thing, the beautiful people of Karachi; Balochistan. Hawksbay, Sandspit, Turtle Beach, French Beach, Mubarak Village,Sunehra Beach, Gadani Beach.

Somiani Beach, Sapat Beach, Kund Malir, Golden Beach, Ormara Beach, Pasni Beach, Gwadar Beaches and Jevani Beach will show you how it’s done. For thrill seekers and big kids, satisfy your inner child with good vibes on salty tides.

3.Cultural Heritage Cities

Pakistan Travel & Tour Packages is a true grown-up playground, the bright lights of Karachi Trip await! Take in a show, explore the strip and experience ‘City of Lights’ in all its glory. Soar above the incredible Port Grande, Sea View, Do-Darya, Ferere Hall, Mossalem of Quaid-e-Azam, PAF Museum. Includes busy food streets of Meena Bazar, Dhorajee and Chaar Minaar for a true once in a lifetime experience.

4.Meadows and Valleys:

Kick off your Manshera, Muzaffarabad, Keran, Sharda, Arang-kil Azad Kashmir. Trek for a taste of outdoor life. Feel the adrenaline p

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ump as Balakot sets a more relaxed pace.

The perfect spot to hop in a canoe. Shogran, Siri Paye, Kiwai, Lala Zar and Lulusar. Babusar Top, Chillas, Fairy Meadows makes a great pit stop to epic fields and valleys.

If it’s the culture you crave, Lahore is spot on. Put on your explorer’s hat and immerse yourself in Lahore Red Fort, Anarkali Bazar, Lahore Zoo, Qaddafi Stadium, Badshahi Masjid.

Finally, Pakistan Travel & Tour Packages drop into Balochistan. Where Ziarat, Quaid-e-Azam Residency, Moola Chotook for your fix of nature. And feel the spray of the mighty of valleys with the cold breeze.