Top Ten Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget

“Your Birthday is a transition from what was, to what is to be”

So here are our top ten birthday gift ideas on a budget for your loved ones as Birthdays parties and birthday decorations are the best; it’s just not an occasion to receive gifts from friends and family but to create memories, to give thanks and reflect upon your previous years. Event Planners understand the importance of their celebration and recognition. So here are our top ten birthday gift ideas for your loved ones:

1- Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed for Birthday Gift Ideas - The Event Planet

It’s a classic but nothing beats it, waking up to the smell of coffee/chai and a tray with your favorite breakfast meal always does the trick, you add flowers to the mix, a little birthday song and there you go. You just turned your birthday girl into a morning person. Congratulations!

2- Birthday Cake:

Birthday Cake for Birthday Gift Ideas - the Event Planet

There’s nothing more special than making a birthday cake from scratch, filling the air with the spirit of the occasion, you can get your kids to help you create a customized cake for your loved one. Add layers, candy, cinnamon, chocolate chips or funny nickname frosting on the cake to put a smile on your sweet tooth.

3- Basket It

Basket It - The Event Planet

“A DIY basket full of goodies is another birthday treat”.

The best part about it is that it can totally personalize it for anyone.

Ice Cream lovers - The Event Planet

Ice Cream lovers:  Add strawberry and vanilla sauce jars, jelly beans, toppings, light and dark cones, sprinkles and chocolate chips, along with homemade ice cream to the basket.  

Car lovers for Birthday Gift Ideas- The Event Planet

Car lovers:  The car themed birthday basket would be perfect for someone who is in love with their car and have to be warned. Get a car washing bucket to add glass wipes, car wash soaps, scrubs, rubber gloves, travel mug, and air freshener to it and there you have it, a perfect gift with a bit of humor.  

Manicure Maniac for Birthday Gift Ideas - The Event Planet

Manicure Maniac: Don’t we all know that girl who loves to do her own nails and just can’t stop talking about the different techniques she used to perfect her nails at home?? Some hand cream, nail polish remover, nail polishes, fillers, hand masks, scrub and cleansing cream will do the trick, believe me, your friend will love you for the gesture.

Coffee enthusiast for Birthday Gift Ideas - The Event Planet

Coffee enthusiast: This is a unisex birthday basket, can be given to pretty much anyone who can’t have enough cups of coffee. You just have found a coffee press, cute mugs, sugar jar, different aromatic coffee bags, biscuits, and a coffee creamer

4- Gift card:

Gift card - The Event Planet

Other than birthday cards, there are many stores that give out gift cards with a certain amount of money on a card that can be used for any item. Your wife probably has a favorite makeup store that you know about or your brother has his eye on a game from Google Play, when you get them a gift card, you don’t have to spend hours on finding the perfect gift, but get all the praise for it.

5- Birthday party:

Birthday party for Birthday Gift Ideas - The Event Planet

Yes, the oldest and the most heartfelt gifts of all, a surprise birthday party with friends and family. There’s something about a birthday party that makes the birthday boy/girl feel overwhelmed. It does not necessarily have to be a crazy destination birthday party, a gathering of people with birthday decorations, cupcakes, party props, and birthday balloons.

An event planner can worry about the budget and creativity while you enjoy the day. So go on and hire the Best Birthday Organizers in Karachi. With Top Ten Birthday Gift ideas on a budget, the Event Planet offers an insane amount of birthday themes and creativity, you don’t have to stress over the birthday party ideas and birthday party décor. Just leave everything to us.

6- DIY Products

DIY Products - The Event Planet

If you are crafty and love DIYs then I would suggest you put that talent to use. There are millions of tutorial videos online that can help you give a meaningful gift at a good price. Most of the things you will find at home, you just have to KNOW what your birthday boy and birthday girl wants. Here are some of the gifts you can DIY in no time.

DIY Products - The Event Planet
  • Candles
  • Makeup/Toiletries Bag
  • Bath Bombs
  • Body Scrub
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Decorative Sign

7- Pretty Portrait:

Pretty Portrait - The Event Planet

This gift is unique and very affordable, even if you have it done by an artist. You can either have a picture of your friend and you, turned into a portrait, or get a live portrait done. It’s always fun and definitely will stay with your loved one for a long time.

8- Cover It

Cover It - The Event Planet

We have that one person in our lives, who just loves their technology; they are extra careful with it and protect it like their baby. The best gift for a tech-savvy person will cover; laptop covers, mobile covers, tablet covers, iPod covers, etc. You can have it monogrammed and customized to their liking; there are tons of sites that provide this service at a good rate.

9- Coziness overload:

Coziness overload - The Event Planet

Dinner and movie date is one of the best romantic birthdays presents ever. The amazing part is you can set it up outdoors or in your living room. Start by cooking them their favourite meal, set up a projector, and get cosy with movies. it’s the best way to pamper your birthday girl!

10- Personalized Coupon Book:

Personalized Coupon Book - The Event Planet

This is one is an Oldie but a Goldie. A personalized coupon book is a fun birthday gift to make as it is to receive. Coupons that are personalized are much better than the ones you get in the store. This way the birthday boy/girl knows it was created especially for him or her. All you have to do is get a bunch of paper and coloured pens to create this coupon book, you know what your recipient likes and enjoys, so you can add that to the book for e.g: A movie night or clean the house coupon is liked by all.

So what do you think? These Birthday gift Ideas are not only sentimental but also loved by the majority. What gift idea did you like the most and who will receive it? Let me know in the comments down below.

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