How to become an event planner

How to become an Event Planner is what many people do ask nowadays. Well, the verdict is in; event management industry is on the rise.

Can you successfully organize your university/college events and get a drive from the event pressure. Are you are happier planning events than you are focusing on your major?

If you are wondering what an event planner in karachi does and how you can become one? You have come to the right place! Today we are going break it down for you and help you decide if you want to join this booming industry.

What is event planning?

What is event planning?

Event planning in Pakistan is not an easy job. You have to be on your toes all the time. To do everything from planting leads to the execution of the event & start with managing the budget and end with the wrap of the event.

Steps to get you started



To become an event planner to have to work as an event planner, as obnoxious as that sounds, it’s true. Experience in the field is the only way you are going get by in this industry, there is no golden book that will teach you how to handle a situation at an event. The best wedding planners in Karachi dint make it by hand picking jobs, they worked and worked on each wedding event to get this far.

You have to get as much experience as you can in every aspect of event planning, dealing with florists, caterers, photographers and selecting the perfect venue for an anxious couple does not come naturally. You have to become a social animal working day and night at the field. Start off with maybe a caterer first, then a photographer, a decorator and so on. After some time of experience you can apply to the best event management company where you will also be able to work for administration. The more you know in every facet of events, the more you can do, manage and charge for your services.

Take the lead:

Take the lead

You are never going to learn how to deal with clients, if you stay back and not take responsibility. If you want to be part of something better you have to level up. In my opinion, take one element of event planning under your wing; decide your niche and work hard for that. If you are interested in birthday decorations, wedding arrangements, enjoy corporate events, or like to work for travel and tour. You could work for all those niches and then decide where you would like to continue on. Before becoming an event planner or launching your own event management company in Karachi, you have to take the lead and work on the niche you want.

Networking, networking and networking:

Networking, networking and networking

If people don’t know your name in the industry, you don’t exist. In the event management industry you have to be networking 24/7. Every number, email, address and contact you get is good for you. Data is gold for you. You need those numbers when you are planning social events, you need those emails when you are marketing, and you need those business cards when you want a new vendor.

You also need to follow up with these people, do not underestimate the power of “nice to meet you” email.

Display your work:

Display your work

You can’t expect people to take your word for how amazing your work is, every artist has to have a portfolio that does the talking for him. Do not skimp on this step; get a professional to help you out.

Make your own business model:

Make your own business model

Now this is where things get tricky, you got your experience, you got your portfolio, you got your name out in the market but now how to you build your own brand. This is complicated but manageable, you need a partner who has a business past or is studying business management. I would not suggest paying someone to create your business model, you need to find that perfect partner who is in love with event management as well and who can whip up a business model in no time.

You don’t need the funding from anyone else; you don’t need angel investors at this point. Getting huge funds at this time will only take the company to a direction that you can’t control. I would suggest growing organically on your own terms with your clients and customers investment.


Marketing - The Event Planet

Tell everyone, I mean everyone. Get business cards made, get on social media. Sell your brand. Event Planners in Karachi go live on Facebook pre event and manage to find client within hours. Social media marketing is a great tool to display your incredible wedding planning ideas.  It’s a great platform to learn about your competitors, it’s a great platform to get new bridal shower themes and it’s a great platform for brand awareness.

The customer is always right:

The customer is always right - The Event Planet

My last and but not the least tip would be to learn to say sorry when it’s needed. In this industry you can’t afford an unhappy customer, it takes just one review to ruin your reputation. Even the best Travel and Tour agency can take a hit for blunders because most of the time you can’t predict what’s coming.

So learn the hardest word in the English Language and hope for the best. Do not hide your mistake, show that you care about their event and have the apology directly from you and not your employee.

Do you want to become an event planner?

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