Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms

Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms is not a myth anymore!

There are many personalized and thoughtful gifts you can give to your man on the wedding day. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding the right gift for your groom because there are a lot of options. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive gift he has received, but it has to be thoughtful and something he has always wanted. You found the perfect man, now is the time to find the perfect gift. Here is a list of Gifts for the Pakistani grooms.

1. Self-Grooming Set Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Self-grooming set - The Event Planet

Gift your loving man a self-grooming kit with all the essentials. This kit should include hair styling gel, shower gel, trimmer, face wash, deodorant, nail clippers, and hairbrush set. This gift is more practical then romantic and your man will appreciate it every time he uses it.

2. Watch Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Watch Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms - The Event Planet

Your soon to be husband probably has his eye on a watch he has always wanted, it’s a Pakistani tradition to gift the groom a watch. Get his friends or brothers opinion on the kind of watch he likes, you can’t go far wrong with this stylish gift.

3. Messenger Bag Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Messenger Bag Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms - The Event Planet

This functional gift is awesome if he carries a laptop to and from work every day, you can buy him a messenger bag with lots of pockets and compartments. Look up for stylish ones online.

4. Fragrance Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Fragrance Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms - The Event Planet

Some men are into fragrance, others not so much. If your man is, you can buy him an expensive bottle of cologne, this way the smell will always remind you both of the day you married.

5. Go Pro Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Go Pro Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms - The Event Planet

For your adventurous traveller, you can get a go pro that will come in handy when he is in action. Go with brand that helped to define high quality equipment at reasonable prices for the mass market.

6. LED TV:

LED TV for Pakistani grooms- The Event Planet

So this is a dual gift that you can enjoy, snuggle in front of and watch old movies on. Your man will also love playing games with his friends on a nice 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

7. Musical Instrument Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Musical Instrument Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms - The Event Planet

Does your partner love creating beautiful music, surprise him and get him his favorite musical instrument. You can have it engraved with his initials and you both can enjoy the melody.

8. Concert tickets:

Concert tickets for Pakistani Grooms - The Event Planet

Is his favorite band coming to Karachi? This is definitely high up on the list of worthy gifts for the groom. You guys can go together to get rid of the post wedding stress.

9. A Handy Tool Box:

A Handy Tool Box - The Event Planet

If you hubby-to-be is the outdoor type, a functional gift will be a handy tool box including drill machine, screw driver, tape measure, claw hammer and socket wrench.

10. Fountain Pen:

Fountain Pen - The Event Planet

Some guys are really into expensive pens, and if your soon to be hubby loves to write, the perfect wedding gift would be an expensive Parker fountain pen that he will cherish forever.

11. Leather Bound Journal:

Leather Bound Journal - The Event Planet

The next gift goes with the expensive pen; a quality leather bound journal is loved by writers and trend setters. Every time he uses it, it will remind him of you.

12. Personalized Money Clip:

Personalized Money Clip - The Event Planet

This gift can be used for years and years, as it never gets old and is pretty reasonable. You can easily find it online, there are even stores that do engraved initials on the metal money clip.

13. Tie:

Tie - The Event Planet

If your man enjoys formal dressing, if he has to look presentable for work or if he simply enjoys collecting ties (yes, there are men who collect ties), this is gift is absolutely perfect for him.

14. Wallet:

Wallet - The Event Planet

Every man loves getting a new wallet and a personalized wallet to hold his money and business cards is a great Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms. Even when it’s worn out, he would want to get rid of this sentimental gift.

15. Leather Toiletry Bag:

Leather Toiletry Bag - The Event Planet

A durable leather toiletry bag will always come in handy, whether he is headed off to a seminar out of the city or simply just to de-clutter the mess in your bathroom. Both of you will love the convenience of having his grooming essentials in one place.

16. Smart Speakers:

Smart Speakers - The Event Planet

Your man is a music lover and enjoys playing tunes on loudspeakers, don’t miss this opportunity and get him, portable smart speakers, he plays music on, kick back and relax.

17. Book or Magazine subscription:

Book or Magazine subscription - The Event Planet

Book subscriptions can be expensive, especially lifetime subscription. He definitely will not get it for himself; therefore this is a great chance to get him what he has always wanted. If you love reading as well, you can enjoy this gift too.

18. Cool Sneakers:

Cool Sneakers - The Event Planet

You’re soon to be husband probably has a favourite brand of shoes and the best Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms, find out what he has been wanting to buy. Ask his brothers and friends help, in fact, I suggest going shopping with them so you don’t get the wrong size.

19. Classic Cufflinks:

Classic Cufflinks - The Event Planet

Why not go for a gift that’s a little uncommon for your wedding day and give your husband a memorable pair of cufflinks? Good quality cufflinks will take him by surprise.

20. Classic PJ’s Wedding Gifts for Pakistani Grooms:

Classic PJ’s - The Event Planet

Get him preppy cotton Pajamas monogrammed with his initials. It’s an adorable gift he will love.

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