What to Pack for Northern Mountains of Pakistan Trip
What to Pack for Northern Mountains of Pakistan Trip - The Event Planet

Are you taking a trip to Northern Pakistan? Do you not know what to pack to your trip? or to visit the Northern Mountains of Pakistan?

Northern Pakistan is beautiful and the people are friendly but you should always be prepared, do not fill up your backpack with useless unwanted things, but pack only the essentials. If this is your very first trip to the Northern mountains of Pakistan and don’t know what to carry, I have got you covered.

1-Appropriate boots:

Appropriate boots Northern Pakistan- The Event Planet

There are many people who make the mistake of not getting themselves proper footwear for the mountain trips, if you are going to be trekking or hiking around thorny steep hills and mountains, you need those boots to keep you save from harsh surfaces and rain puddles. The sensible thing would be to get a pair of flip flops as well, so that every time you climb into your tent, you don’t have to tie and untie your shoe laces.

2-Water Flask:

Water Flask Northern Pakistan- The Event Planet

You don’t mineral water up in the northern mountains; the amazing Neelum River and Hunza River is clean and sparkling all year round. The villagers drink that fresh water and you can witness to their health. The water flask is vital because, you might not be able reach down the river from the mountains to take a drink every time. Fill your flask up and get trekking for hours.

3- Lots of Layers:

Lots of Layers Northern Pakistan - The Event Planet

I mean this one, you are not prepared for the freezing temperatures you are about to feel. Do not and I mean do not skip on layers, the amount of clothes you are supposed to carry are going to be a lot. Roll up as much as thermal suits as you can in your backpack. Woolen sock, mufflers, beanie, gloves, undergarments and even rain coats, you should pack everything that will give you layers. Start with the thinnest layer and end at your jacket. It rains and snows most of the months in Northern Pakistan therefore always be prepared. Always ask your Pakistani local tour guide what kind of weather you will be facing that day.

4- Sunscreen:

Sunscreen for Northern Pakistan - The Event Planet

Even though it rains and snows most of the months, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the high altitude. The sun rises right up the mountains to melt the snow; the sun is so close to the earth that you can burn your cheeks and forehead during the trekking. A 30+ SPF sunscreen will protect you from sun rays, apply a dime size to your exposed skin and reapply every 2 hours.

5- Bug Spray

There are all sorts of bugs and flying insects in those northern parts of Pakistan. Do not think you are safe from the mosquitoes. The camp area is usually swarmed with nasty bugs. Carry a bug spray and a mosquito repellent with you at all times, do you and your trip companions this huge favor. A honeymoon package to Northern Pakistan can easily turn into disaster if you don’t.

Bug Spray - The Event Planet

6- Cleaning Wipes:

I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this, when you are taking a mountainous trekking hiking trip, there aren’t much toilet facilities. When you can find proper accommodation you are lucky but you don’t and have to set up camp and sleep in sleeping bags, you have to carry cleaning wipes for everything. You can’t wash your face with the freezing river water; wipes are your best option. Get a baby wipe packet that you can carry easily with your belongings. Always ask your tour guide beforehand about the accommodation.


Anything you use on a daily basis, from toothbrush to skincare and soaps. Everything should be packed without fail; you will not get a chance to buy anything while out exploring the valleys, lakes and mountains. It is a huge inconvenience and just frustrates you.

Toiletries - The Event Planet


No matter how good your tour package is, or no matter how many local foods you are promised. Trust me when I say this “you need snacks”. That’s right, you need power snacks that will keep your energy going. People from the city who usually don’t go trekking or hiking out every day will not be able to keep their blood sugar levels normal during this trip. You need snacks like granola bars and nuts that you can have on the go and still get the nutrients from.

Snacks - The Event Planet

9-Books and Notepad:

Not that you will get bored during this trip, but I still think that reading a book on a green high altitude plain is somehow rewarding. You see that beautiful glacier lake and are overwhelmed by the beauty, write down everything you are feeling.

Books and Notepad - The Event Planet

10-Travel Size Towels:

Not one but I would suggest getting two travel size towels for this trip, no matter where you travel, you need towels just in case but especially in Northern Mountains of Pakistan, you need this luxury. You get rained on or jump in this beautiful lake, now you need to dry off, you’ve got your travel size towel to save the day.

Travel Size Towels - The Event Planet

Are you ready to plan your visit to the Northern Mountains of Pakistan?

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