Birthday Themes for Boys;10 Fun and Unique Facts

Ain’t finding Birthday Themes for Boys? Aren’t you tired of plain old cake and balloons? Boys, specifically have a lot of expectations from their birthday celebration as they always want their party to be spectacular. They want to invite all their friends and have a blast. So be prepared when The Event Planet has the best birthday themes that provide the theme you want, here are famous and creative birthday themes.

1. Jungle Birthday Themes for Boys:

Jungle Birthday Themes for Boys - The Event Planet

Jungle theme is for those boys who have always been in love with wild animals and the jungle life. Ask your birthday organizer to get all decorations and food jungle theme inspired.

2. Minion Birthday Themes for Boys:

Minion Birthday Themes for Boys - The Event Planet

Never gets old, this theme has the heart of many young boys. Event and birthday planners also enjoy creating this yellow and blue balloon theme. The huge minion cut out and inflamed balloon is very famous and loved.

3. Avengers Birthday Themes for Boys:

Avengers Birthday Themes for Boys - The Event Planet

Every boy loves a superhero, someone he can look up to. The action, the costumes and the thrill is what these kids love. The avenger theme can be made unique by letting your guests choose their powerful persona upon arrival or have everyone dress up as their favorite Marvel Avenger.

4. Batman Birthday Themes for Boys:

Batman Birthday Themes for Boys - The Event Planet

Batman has been a favorite for decades now, almost every boy has dreamed of driving the batmobile. If you want to take your batman birthday party to another level than have a Gotham city backdrop made, add batman cupcakes to the dessert table and get capes and masks for birthday boy’s friends.

5. Car Birthday Themes for Boys:

Car Birthday Themes for Boys - The Event Planet

Speaking of movies, with the new cars 3 movie coming up, this theme is a win-win when it comes to boys. “Edible race track and cars filled with jelly beans will increase the fantasy of the cars themed party” is the hot cupcake of birthday themes for boys.

6. Pirate Birthday Themes for Boys:

Pirate Birthday Themes for Boys - The Event Planet

A beware banner on the table decoration, a black skull flags and a treasure hunt map backdrop. The boys will go nuts for this theme, don’t forget to add the pirate caps and eye patch in your Birthday Party Package.

7. Airplane Birthday Themes for Boys:

Airplane theme - The Event Planet

An adorable aeroplane cut out and “Time flies” backdrop, with a small aeroplane shaped cupcakes will be setting this theme in motion. Don’t forget the international food for the flying vibe. The Birthday Party ideas can also include maps used as Birthday decorations.

8. Toy Story 3 theme:

Toy Story 3 theme - The Event Planet

“The toys got out” welcome board, stuffed toys including woody character arranged on the birthday table decoration will do the trick.

9. Lego Theme:

Lego theme - The Event Planet

This theme, in particular, can have a lot of games and fun activities involved in it, the birthday doesn’t only be about the birthday cake and the birthday decorations, and this theme also allows the birthday boy to create a landscaper or a helicopter with Legos.

10. Pikachu Theme:

Pikachu theme - The Event Planet

The Pikachu theme has become the new thing again due to the new Pikachu movie. Many birthday organizers in Karachi are excited to work with this theme. The party favour bags, in particular, are very adorable.

Did you enjoy these birthday themes?

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