Birthday Themes for Girls; 10 Fun and Unique Facts

The Event Planet has got the best Birthday Themes for Girls as its every girl dream growing up to be treated like a princess, her birthday is one of those she wants to feel special and loved. She will wake up early, dress up and expect her friends to be over to enjoy the day with her. Girls are a bit on the extra side and want to share her happiness rather than showing off, a great way to do that would be to have your girl’s favourite theme party organized. She has been nice all year round, is always helpful around the house, she deserves it. So get your baby girl the best birthday planner with the best birthday decoration and catering.

Here are our top ten fun and unique birthday themes for birthday girls:

1. Pretty in pink:

This theme is perfect for the girly girls, who loved to be surprised. Here are few things you and your birthday planner should get for this theme:

  • Pink Balloons and Ribbons.
  • Make your princess wear pink beautiful frock or a gown.
  • Distribute pink hats to the guests.
  • Get pink cupcakes, candies or jellies and order a customized pink cake.

2. Frozen theme:

Frozen Themes for Girls - The Event Planet

One of the most famous birthday themes has to be the Frozen theme, the storyline is adorable and who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess, as a birthday event planner in Karachi myself I would suggest this fabulous theme to a set of twin girls where one can dress up as Elsa and the other as Anna.  Some of the elements I used to create this theme:

  • Get the best birthday venue, have it decorated with white and blue balloons
  • Got Frozen birthday caps for the friends of the birthday girl
  • Snowflakes made from paper
  • Got a snow in a can
  • Had all Frozen themed plates and cups
  • The biggest win-win is the customized cake with Anna and Elsa figures on top
  • The birthday cut out on the birthday decoration table
  • As a return gift or party favor, you can get the girls frozen t shirt and stationery.

3. Movie Night theme:

Movie Night theme - The Event Planet

This is a birthday party idea that has not been used by many, so your daughter will find it unique and different. This birthday theme is for your teen girls who are not into many thing but definitely love watching movies. You can go further in and get a genre of movie night for example: a horror movie night birthday party.

  • The entire front part of birthday decoration table made covered with a huge popcorn cup cut out.
  • Games and entertainment
  • Movie tickets as a party favor
  • Popcorn shaped cupcakes

4. Minnie Mouse theme:

Minnie Mouse theme - The Event Planet

A fun fact, the Minnie Mouse birthday theme was the very first themed birthday organized by us, The Event Planet. It was a lot fun to get the props, cupcakes, and Minnie mouse mascot, baby Minnie mouse cut out, custom made cake with the birthday girl face on it, and everything pink and black.

We had a blast creating this theme almost a decade ago and now we stand amongst the one of the best Birthday Organizers in Karachi. Please check our website for all the birthday theme and birthday party deals:

5. Hello Kitty theme:

Hello Kitty theme - The Event Planet

If your daughter is crazy about the sweet kitty who has never been seen without that legendary bow. For the best birthday themes for girls all you need to get her this chic birthday theme; you could not go wrong with the hello kitty theme. Every birthday event manager in Karachi has this theme on hand because it is loved by everyone.

  • Comfy Hello Kitty throw pillows
  • Essential Hello Kitty napkins and plates
  • Delicious Hello Kitty Cake
  • Hello Kitty goodie bags

6. Butterfly theme:

Butterfly theme - the Event Planet

Get your little butterfly this beautiful theme that will make her whimsy and mystery side to light. It is a great choice for a birthday party theme. Here are some ways your birthday event manager could bring the butterfly theme to life.

  • The invitation be adorned as a butterfly
  • The table decoration should have pots of flower with paper made butterflies on them
  • Hanging butterfly from the ceiling
  • Butterfly wings for the birthday girl
  • Custom made cake

7. Candy and Cupcakes Birthday Themes for Girls:

Candy and Cupcakes theme - The Event Planet

One of the most amazing birthday themes for anyone is a unisex birthday theme, the boys can enjoy it as well. Just make sure you limit the amount of sugar that goes in their body.

  • Birthday party supplies like cups, plates, napkins, balloons, etc.) resemble the colours of candy-like blue, purple, yellow and pink.
  • This goes without saying that the table should be filled with different kind of candies; you could have a candy factory ordered.

8. Art and Craft Birthday Themes for Girls:

Art and Craft theme for Girls- The Event Planet

Girls are crafty and love DIYs; they learn new crafting every day from the internet. A fun birthday theme would be art and craft, this theme can be used for girls who really don’t know what they are into.

  • Get art supplies like canvas, paint, brushes and sketchbooks
  • Get art and craft themed birthday food and birthday cupcakes.

9. Mermaid Birthday Themes for Girls:

Mermaid Birthday Themes - The Event Planet

Girls obsessed with the character Ariel or just mermaids will thank you for this theme. It’s an absolute stunner of all the birthday themes, of blue and golden.

  • A yummy sandcastle cake( yes, they make those)
  • Golden and blue paper fish scales for the backdrop
  • A treasure chest with chocolate coins in them
  • Décor includes seas shells and pearls would be fabulous

10. Picnic Birthday Themes for Girls:

Picnic Birthday Themes for Girls - The Event Planet

Have a birthday party picnic organized at your nearest park or your garden. This theme is great for your outdoorsy girls; spring is a lovely time to create this theme. Things that you might need for this theme is:

  • A beautiful  frock for the birthday girls with a tiara
  • Birthday caps for the friends of the birthday girl
  • Skipping ropes
  • Picnic basket with sandwiches and drinks
  • Birthday party props

Did you enjoy these birthday themes? If you are looking for the best birthday organizers in Karachi with the best birthday party decorations, The Event Planet offers a variety of birthday party packages along with “make your own birthday event”.

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